Last Will and Testament – Guidance for making a WILL



In this day and age it is important that each and every individual should prepare a WILL which should be kept at a such a place that his heirs can have an easy access to the same so that his estate is distributed without any delay upon his demise. This is all the more necessary for those who have extended families with more than one wife.

Death is inevitable – nobody can predict how long he is going to live – nowadays sudden deaths are becoming common. In this context, Imam Ali (a.s.), whilst advising his son Imam Hassan (a.s.) has said:
“ Therefore, my son, always keep three things in mind:

1. Death
2. Your Deeds and actions 3. The Life Hereafter

In this way you will always be ready to face death and it will not catch you unaware”.

‘Bequests’ ex 1/3rd of the estate can be of many types which can all be specified in the WILL. A sage has truly said: “If you give from your heart, then your offering will be not only unimaginable but also everlasting”.

We have pleasure in publishing this booklet, which, in our opinion, is a Handy Guide for making an Islamic WILL. We hope readers will find this booklet to be useful and assist them to understand the format of preparing a WILL. Specimens of the WILL contained in the booklet would facilitate preparations of the WILL in keeping with the tenets of Islam – templates of the same would be placed on our website which can be downloaded by the readers. This booklet also contains Charts for the distribution of estates of some selected cases of inheritance which may prove to be of assistance to those who undertake the tasks of distribution of estates of the deceased.

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Ahmed A. M. Jaffer