Maarifa Radio 105.3FM

First put on air on the 23rd of September 2011, Maarifa Radio 105.3 FM has maintained a growing audience of listeners. The daily 24-hour broadcast features content that is based around enrichment of the society by providing Islamic oriented content concerning everyday life, society, health and philosophy. The profound meaning of the name ‘Maarifa’ – awareness or consciousness – is reflected in the radio station’s aim of uplifting the thirst of knowledge and understanding in the society.

Airing from Tanga region, the radio broadcast reaches several areas in Tanga City, Lushoto, Pemba and Zanzibar. The broadcast has also crossed international borders to reach remote regions in Kenya.

Since its launch the radio channel has continued to receive positive responses and feedback from its listeners. This is greatly in part due to extensive market research that was conducted before designing the broadcast content. Public input was requested from within the vicinity of the broadcast radius and resulting feedback via SMS, telephone, e-mail, post-address and personal visits amassed to massive constructive input from our prospective audience.

Analysis of the responses by qualified media experts – keeping central to the discussion, feasibility of program placement, advertisers, sponsors and listeners – resulted in an airing schedule with a strategic advantage over competing networks. The content aired over the radio network is now a reflection of the extensive investment of the media and production team at Al-Itrah Foundation.

Few competing networks in the country match the variety of programs broadcast over Maarifa radio. Quality programs shared daily with the public include educational Islamic programs, documentaries analyzing Islamic issues around the world, local and international news, current talk shows relating to international trends and perspectives, Nasheeds and Qur’an programs.

The content available via broadcast is a reflection of the hard-working media team at Maarifa radio that consistently study the dynamic audience to update content in order to satisfy our listener’s demands. The Maarifa Radio broadcast team extends their efforts to produce 3 daily updated news bulletins featuring unbiased stories from local and international news sources.

The station’s dedication to local community is evident from the extensive nature of our target audience, which include the working class, home residents, motorists, youths and students. Maarifa Radio has also made great efforts to contribute to the local community by periodically including in its work force trainee journalists recruited from major media institutes.