IBN TV Dar es Salaam

IBN TV Cable began airing in March 2003. The station has grown exponentially during the past decade and offers a blend of content that features a unique balance of religious teachings, educational documentaries and entertaining productions. The channel aims to provide its audience with captivating programs that present a balance between Islamic and non-Islamic genres while bridging the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The channel is Tanzania’s first to host shows in 3 different languages – English, Urdu and Gujarati – allowing its viewership to expand beyond language barriers. Having aired over 80,000 hours of content featuring a blend of religious, social and current affairs, the channel now reaches thousands of decoders in the Dar es Salaam market.

The variety of programs aired on IBN TV coupled with the choice of languages provides the audience with a diverse array of shows to follow. This has allowed the channel to expand its distribution network to include every major cable provider in Dar es Salaam.

Our in-house team has expanded over the years to cater for all age groups and interests; from the aspiring artist to the innovative cook and everything in-between, the channel guarantees quality programs that will leave its viewers with an unforgettable television experience.