IBN TV Africa

Al Itrah launched an international channel via satellite – IBN TV Africa – for reaching viewers across the continent.

The channel broadcasts in English and Kiswahili with 65% of its content in the latter language. With less than 10% of Tanzanians speaking English according to demographic data, an imperative need was sensed to provide the majority of the citizens with quality content in the local language.

The demand for such a channel with a majority of its broadcast in Kiswahili was not confined within national borders. Kiswahili speakers number up to 150 million across several African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia and South Sudan.

The channel is now accessible across Sub Saharan Africa as a free broadcast via satellite. Within Tanzania’s borders, IBN TV Africa is also available as a free channel on every major digital platform.

The choice of shows is aimed at providing a form of entertainment to the audience that is enriching and free of negative influences, which are common in mass media. A majority of the aired shows are in-house productions, which ensure that the high standards set by our production team are reflected over the network.

The uniquely tailored schedule for IBN TV Africa targets all the audience age groups and individuals with diverse interests. The varied program content promises its viewers a memorable television experience. Daily schedules reflect a magnificent balance of supplications, quality entertainment for the young and old, lectures, daily news and enriching talk shows.

Featured programs include talk shows discussing religious, social and secular topics; health shows with professional doctors from national and international hospitals, Islamic sermons and seminars,

The channel is available over the African continent over the following frequency:

FREQUENCY: 12604 MHz (Transponder – H3)
FEC: 2/3