IBN TV broadcasts in English, Urdu and Gujrati Language on all Major Cable platforms in Dar es Salaam only.

IBN TV Africa

IBN TV Africa broadcasts in Kiswahili and English language only. IBN TV AFRICA coverage includes all of Tanzania and Sub Saharan Africa via Satellite.

Radio Maarifa 105.3FM

Radio Maarifa 105.3 FM is a vibrant radio station broadcasting from its towers in Tanga, reaching hundreds of thousands of people in remote areas of Tanzania as well as populated areas like Tanga.

Dar Press Media

Dar Press Media as our slogan states “Creativity never ends” is a production company specializing in documentary production, advertising production for TV, print, press and radio jingles.

Dunia Leo

Dunialeo.com which simply means “today’s world” is an online news platform that features world news, local news, business news and much more.

Al Itrah Foundation

Initiated on the 26th of August 2002, Al-Itrah Foundation has always strove to promote religious values, expand the platform of Islamic literature available in Kiswahili and uphold humanitarian values. Currently the foundation’s publications number 350,000 copies of 250 titles, with a distribution network over East Africa that includes over 60 institutions. With the grace of the Al-Mighty, in October 2002 the bureau launched the Qur’an project with the initial aim of publishing the holy word in the Kiswahili language. The initial endeavor of translating the 30 Sipara with commentary took 8 years to complete and following completion, 5000 copies of each Sipara were printed for distribution.

To date the bureau has completed the translation of 256 books with major projects including a Kiswahili publication of Nahjul Balagha and Sahifa e Sajjadiya, which required an investment of 6 and 2 years respectively. At present the bureau is working towards compiling the Qur’an with Kiswahili footnotes for every verse.

Over the years since its inauguration Al-Itrah Foundation has diversified its activities to unite the Tanzanian public with the sole aim of promoting divine values. At present the foundation finances education and medical cases for the underprivileged, aims to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims by regular seminars and workshops and publishes weekly articles in newspapers to expand its readers circle.


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